How can I use my smartphone as a CCTV?

You can use your smartphone as a CCTV camera by using a dedicated surveillance app or software. Here are the general steps:

  1. Download a surveillance app: There are many surveillance apps available for Android, such as RTSP Security Camera and Home Security Camera. Download and install the app on both your smartphone (as a camera).
  2. Set up the camera: Place your smartphone in a stable position, such as on a tripod or a table, so that it can capture the area you want to monitor. Make sure the camera is positioned correctly and has a good view of the area.
  3. Start monitoring: Once the camera is set up, you can start monitoring the live feed from the monitor device. You can also configure the app to send you alerts if it detects motion or other activity in the monitored area.

It's important to note that using your smartphone as a CCTV camera may not provide the same level of security and functionality as a dedicated CCTV system. However, it can be a useful option for monitoring a specific area or for temporary surveillance needs.
RTSP Security Camera
Turn your mobile phone into an HD camera with support for RTSP streaming. You don't have to buy an expensive IP camera. Just install the app on your old smartphone and use it over Wi-Fi for a video surveillance system. The app has a built-in RTSP server to stream video and audio for network live broadcast.
Camera Motion Detector
Record videos effortlessly using a motion detector with Camera Motion Detector. This smart mobile phone camera enables object detection and video surveillance with automatic video saving to your phone or cloud server when motion is detected. Adjust the sensitivity for simple detection or opt for neural network-based detection for recognizing objects such as people, animals, and vehicles.
CCTV Cloud
When it comes to monitoring your property, whether it's your home, office, or other real estate, it can be a challenge to stay on top of everything when you're away. This is where CCTV Cloud comes in. This mobile app provides an effortless and convenient way to monitor your property remotely. CCTV Cloud is the mobile app for VideoSurveillance.Cloud, and it empowers you to receive event alerts and manage your IP camera devices right from your fingertips.
Home Security Camera
The application allows you to view and record RTSP and HTTP video streams from IP surveillance cameras. This powerful software allows you to reuse your old smartphones as IP cameras, turning them into professional-grade surveillance devices. With a simple setup process and intuitive interface, Home Security Camera makes it easy to manage and monitor data from multiple devices, giving you remote access to your live feed from anywhere.
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