What devices are used for video surveillance?

There are several devices that can be used for video surveillance, including:

  1. Security cameras: These are the most common devices used for video surveillance. They can be wired or wireless and can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  2. Network video recorders (NVRs): These are used to record and store video footage from security cameras.
  3. Digital video recorders (DVRs): Similar to NVRs, these devices are used to record and store video footage from analog cameras.
  4. Video encoders: These are used to convert analog video signals into digital signals so that they can be recorded and stored by NVRs or DVRs.
  5. Video management software: This software is used to manage and view video footage from multiple cameras.
  6. Monitors: These are used to display live video feeds from security cameras or recorded footage from NVRs or DVRs.
  7. Motion detectors: These are used to trigger security cameras to start recording when motion is detected.
  8. Alarms: These can be used to alert security personnel or property owners when motion is detected or when an unauthorized person enters a restricted area.
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