What is the type of video surveillance?

There are several types of video surveillance, including:

  1. Analog surveillance: Analog surveillance is the traditional form of video surveillance that uses analog cameras and a video recorder to capture and store footage. Analog cameras are connected to the recorder via coaxial cables and are limited in resolution and features.

  2. IP surveillance: IP surveillance uses internet protocol (IP) cameras to capture and transmit video footage over a network. IP cameras offer higher resolution and more advanced features than analog cameras, such as motion detection, facial recognition, and remote access.

  3. Cloud-based surveillance: Cloud-based surveillance stores video footage in the cloud, rather than on-premises. Cloud-based surveillance allows for remote access to footage, as well as advanced features such as AI-powered video analytics.

  4. Thermal imaging surveillance: Thermal imaging surveillance uses thermal cameras to detect heat signatures and can be used in low-light or no-light conditions to detect movement and activity.

  5. Mobile surveillance: Mobile surveillance uses cameras installed on vehicles or drones to capture video footage of areas that are difficult to monitor or access.

Overall, the type of video surveillance used will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the surveillance system, as well as budget and available technology.
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