best affordable security camera system

Which security camera system is the best? What is the best cheap outdoor security camera?

Security cameras selection isn't the only important step in implementing video management software. The software behind the camera must support the features each user is looking for. The Best Outdoor Security Cameras for 2020 | Digital Trends
P2P video surveillance
Strangely enough, there are still practically no inexpensive, convenient, modern products for small companies and home users on the market. Solutions that allow you to detect objects are too expensive and difficult to implement.

The system is based on artificial intelligence and p2p technologies. In this case, server capacities and high costs for video transmission and viewing on a remote computer or phone are not required.

In cloud solutions, a significant part of the cost is the cost of traffic and servers for encoding and decoding video streams, as well as for ai-analysis.

For P2P technologies, encoding and decoding on servers is not required. The server only connects cameras and remote devices.

The video stream is transmitted directly through peer-to-peer connections, bypassing the cloud service.

Web Camera Pro - p2p video surveillance with artificial intelligence.

best affordable security camera system
VMS software must be fast, light, and versatile enough to meet any security needs, have stable performance, setup of cameras is easy, requiring users to simply decide between motion detection or continuous recording, enter a camera name, and configure how long files should be kept. The software is designed to work well with different types of cameras and offers various streaming modes. It essentially takes Internet connection and turns it into a security system. The software usually offers a daily summary video creation option and is well integrated with technology for license plate recognition.
"The ability to easily share information is key to the success of any investigation, especially in organizations with large fraud or loss prevention departments. Investigators may be dispersed throughout the country, but often need to distribute case notes, images and video clips to various people on their team.There are many applications that help facilitate remote work, and let you share and edit files within a group. .But as anyone working with surveillance video can tell you, sharing video especially high-definition (HD) video can sometimes be tricky. .Because of its size, video takes time to transfer digitally.For security reasons, many businesses prefer to keep their video evidence in a central location, and therefore may not want to be exporting and transferring files.Its for these reasons that weve introduced a new, shared case management feature within March Networks Command Enterprise software.New in Command Release 2.5 Starting with Command Release 2.5, (available on the March Networks Partner Portal) all case management files can be backed up to a central server and shared with other users that have permission to access the Command Enterprise Server (CES).This means all video clips, notes and images made into case files can be backed up to the cloud, allowing users to access them from any location with an Internet connection. So an investigator in New York can create and save a case file in CES, and then share it with a colleague in California no exporting or file transfers necessary. As long as the investigator in California has access to the CES, he or she can login and view the case file.Case files can be kept as long as necessary, assuming server storage space is available. Essentially, this creates a central repository within CES for all case files, which is an incredibly helpful feature for managing large or complex investigations.How does it work? When a video file is added to a case in CES, the video is downloaded from the March Networks recorder and saved on the Command Media Archiver. The Archiver collects and stores the case file data, and retains it as long as the case file is retained in Command so even if the recorders retention settings purge the video after 7 days (or however long video retention is set for), the clip is still saved in Command as long as it was created and saved as a case file on the Archiver.Monitor space remaining in Command Client The amount of video you can store in the Archiver is determined by the storage capacity of the drive youre using for the Archiver. This can be configured to your unique requirements when you install the Archiver.You can monitor your storage space in Command Client from the client navigation panels system tree. Space is measured in GB and the system will alert you when the Archiver reaches 90% capacity. Its recommended, however, that you delete old files youre not using, or export and archive files, to always ensure adequate space.Shared case management is free to anyone using March Networks Command Enterprise and does not require March Networks Searchlight software.Learn more about the Command Media Archiver (document available for download from our Partner Portal) or download the instructions on using shared case management.
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