The best video surveillance system

must be stable, reliable and user friendly

Traditional video surveillance systems require expensive infrastructures with capabilities to process and store video recordings. New video surveillance systems based on P2P collects multimedia streams generated by surveillance cameras, optimizes their transmissions with scalable video coding (SVC) according to network condition and stores them in a cloud storage system in an efficient and secure way.

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IP video surveillance
Traditional analog video has been around since the 1920s and that same basic technology is used by most CCTV video surveillance systems today. Just as CDs and DVDs have replaced audiocassettes and VHS tapes, IP-based networking and video storage systems are replacing analog solutions. There are still numerous areas where analog systems perform well and can meet the stated requirements of proper video surveillance.

AI Security
AI is becoming more and more universal. AI data is initially analyzed by a computer and then sent to the server to be analyzed. This improves speed and efficiency of analyzing the data and the need to store large amounts of data is reduced. This will also help improve the costs of having AI security.

With more technology means more data storage. Much of this will be stored in the cloud. It's important for companies to be able to access their data and easily store data that they accumulate. By using cloud processing, analytics can provide insights that will be useful for businesses in order to measure performance and efficiency.
Key Functions of Video Surveillance
Installation of CCTV / IP cameras helps not only to prevent crimes due to visual control but also to charge criminals using the information recorded by video camera.

· Remote control from video cameras through Internet on any personal device (tablet, smart phone, desktop).
· Safety of people / property in office premises, at home or in a country house.
· Prevent thefts and damage of manufactured goods and products as well as manufacturing equipment.
· Control over manufacturing and other technological processes, control over staff work
· Monitor every stage of manufacturing process;
· Prevent quality failure, violation of working conditions, safety rules; have full and recorded data about production accidents;

Places Where Video Surveillance Is Required

  • Apartments, houses, offices, country houses.
  • Outdoor facilities, building sites, warehouses, elevators.
  • Factories, plants and other industrial enterprises.
  • Video surveillance in manufacturing departments.
  • Banks, office centers, business centers.
  • Shopping malls, logistics centers.
  • Passenger stations, railway stations, transport.

Producers of Video Surveillance Systems
FLIR, Bosch, Gazer, Dahua, Hikvision, Web Camera Pro, SuperVision, GeoVision, Axis, Samsung, HyperVision, Avigilon, Panasonic, SmartVision.

What types of business could benefit from video surveillance systems?

Any business that is looking to protect its assets and prevent theft or fraud can benefit from implementing a video surveillance system. Often, the mere presence of cameras can be enough to deter thieves or vandals.

How to Choose a Video Surveillance System?

Ask yourself these questions:

How many cameras will I need?
How do I want my video footage stored?
How long do I want to store video footage?
How do I want to manage my surveillance system?
Do my cameras need to be weatherproof, vandalproof and able to pan, tilt or zoom?
Do I want to integrate my video surveillance system with other systems?
Will I ever need to scale my system?

Once you have a general understanding of the specific features you need in a system, you'll then want to determine what type of cameras you want and how you will place them.

Next, decide which type of storage you would prefer. A popular new form of storage is in the cloud, though many services provide it as a hybrid along with an NVR.

The last consideration is your preferred mode of managing the system. The most common method is by mobile app. The app allows you to control your cameras, review and share footage, and manage your storage.

Video surveillance systems typically range anywhere from $100 to $10,000 depending on the type, quality and number of cameras you require, as well as the amount and type of storage you use.
List of Video Surveillance Systems
Here is a list of Video Surveillance System providers and a summary of what each company claims to offer.

AFA Protective Systems
AFA is an integrator that provides hardware from a variety of manufacturers. AFA can also integrate your video surveillance system with existing alarms and security systems. The company offers analog, IP and hybrid solutions.

Annke gives you the ability to either build your own system or select one of its prebundled kits. Annke's selection includes IP cameras and wireless cameras that are night-vision-enabled and can be monitored from a mobile device.

Brickhouse Security
Brickhouse Security offers video surveillance solutions from a number of manufacturers, including Swann, Vivotek, Lorex and Defender. Most of Brickhouse Security's offerings are systems that come with several cameras.

CPI Security
CPI Security offers the complete InTouch Business System, which includes two motion detectors, two door and window sensors, two HD indoor cameras, and free access to the InTouch mobile application.

Defender offers both wired and wireless security systems, available in both complete kits or as component parts. The company keeps dome and bullet-style cameras, plus it offers monitors to view your system onsite.

FLIR FX offers a small selection of indoor and outdoor cameras equipped with night vision and audio capabilities. The cameras connect through Wi-Fi to either your smartphone or a cloud server and do not utilize a video recorder.

Foscam offers a midsize selection of indoor and outdoor cameras, including plug-and-play IR cameras. Many of Foscam's cameras can shoot in high definition. Foscam's video management software works with other brands as well, such as Amcrest. However, the company does not sell video recorders.

Frontpoint's video surveillance systems are tailored specifically to your unique circumstances. The company also offers a monitoring service along with its surveillance systems. To learn more, the company requires a personalized quote.

Funlux offers both full NVR and DVR kits complete with up to 16 cameras as well as individual IP and wireless cameras and component parts. Funlux makes affordable systems for homes and businesses.

Honeywell's products cover the entire spectrum of video surveillance systems. From IP cameras to hybrid video recorders, Honeywell maintains a huge selection that allows you to build your own video surveillance system to your precise specifications.

LaView offers both complete video surveillance systems, as well as DIY customizable kits for both NVR and DVR systems. You can also purchase individual components parts, such as IP cameras and hard drives.

Linksys' network video recorder supports up to eight channels, which can be expanded with the use of a PoE switch. Linksys also offers two dome IP cameras, an outdoor bullet IP camera and one mini-dome camera.

Lorex's wide array of video surveillance systems and components are generally affordable and adaptable. With IP cameras and HD NVR and DVR systems, Lorex's products can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Q-SEE has a number of different series for varying video surveillance needs. Whether it's a traditional analog system, a more modern BNC HD system or a high-tech IP system, Q-SEE has components to build it. The company is geared toward simplifying the complexities of surveillance.

Revo Lite
Designed for easy setup, Revo Lite has a single cable for power, video and audio. Revo cameras are enabled with night vision, come either separate or in bundled kits, and can be viewed over mobile devices.

Samsung offers both high-definition and standard-definition video surveillance systems. It has a limited selection of IP cameras to accompany its kits, including dome cameras and the tabletop SmartCam.

Swann is focused on providing options for every budget. The company offers high-tech IP cameras with advanced functionality, as well as the more traditional analog cameras with lower resolutions.

Synology's Surveillance Station 7.2 is designed to allow quick connections and setup for people without any knowledge of networks. This system can handle up to thousands of cameras across a number of locations.

Tyco Integrated Security
Tyco maintains a wide selection of IP and networked video surveillance systems, along with component parts like cameras and recorders. To begin building a system with Tyco, log on to the company's website for a quote.

Vimtag's CloudBox video storage system eliminates the need to save footage locally. There is no monthly fee for Vimtag's cloud storage system, which can be linked directly to a variety of wireless cameras.

Zmodo has a wide array of complete bundled kits to choose from. You can also browse a vast selection of individual cameras and video recorders to build your own system. Zmodo's mobile applications allow you to access your video feeds on the go.

airVision, also known as UniFi-Video, is an Australia-based company that offers network video recorders and accompanying IP cameras. Between a wide array of "airCams" and airVision's video management system, the manufacturer makes it easy to build your own system.

TRENDnet is our favorite choice for small business owners who are looking for a simple, affordable and adaptable video surveillance system.

SecurityMan's all-in-one video surveillance system is extremely cost-effective and doesn't skimp on features that most businesses require.

Blink is an ultra-affordable, wireless security and monitoring system that is ideal for a very small, budget-conscious business or a home.

SimpliSafe Security saves your business time and money. The system can be set up in under an hour. After that, it protects every inch of your property 24/7 with emergency dispatch and instant alerts for break-ins, power outages, leaks and dangerous temperature changes. You no longer have to worry about whether your business is safe.